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Francavilla al mare

Francavilla al Mare was a city inhabited by fishermen and farmers who, at the Longobards era, have built the first core of the city. The specification "al mare" enlights the bond between the city itself and the Adriatic sea.

The area is surrounded by ancient walls with three access doors and twelve towers. The harbour and the deposit for the salt, and the "Fiera dell'Assunzione", testify a big prosperity and richness for that times.

At the half of the XV century the city suffered due to the plague and was invaded by Frate Monreale di Provenza and the Di Lando count. In 1501 the city became a principality. At the early '700 Francavilla was named as a "city".

In 1865 it was opened the rail way Ancona-Pescara-Bari and Francavilla started to develop itself on the Adriatic coast with its brand new quarter "Marina": it starts to become a well known and appreciated bathing city and in 1873 was built the first beach resort.

Francavilla started to be known in that period even thanks to the painter Francesco Paolo Michetti, who was friend of Gabriele d'Annunzio, Francesco Paolo Tosti, Edoardo Scarfoglio and Matilde Serao.

Even named "the pearl of the Adriatic" thanks to its clear waters, the beauty of the sea, the villas, the fame of Francavilla blowed out with the Second World War, during which the city was almost totally destroyed.

Today, one can still admire the ancient walls and six towers: the Torre d'Argento, the Torre Di Giovanni, the Torre Masci, the Torrione, the Torre De Monte and Torre Rapinesi.

After the war the city was rebuilt in a modern way and it spreads along the coast, up to Pescara.

What still remains of the ancient Francavilla is its culture, its people, the sea, the amazing beaches, the hills, the good food and much more.

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